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We have 3 inch 9 shot Grand Finale Cakes!

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See ‘Em in Action!

See ‘Em in Action!

Have you ever looked at a firework and wondered if it was as spectacular as the label claimed? At Patriot Discount Fireworks of Columbus, MT, you’ll wonder no more! We’re the only retailer around who offers video demonstrations of our products so you can see before you buy.

Only the Best Artillery!

Only the Best Artillery!

Are you looking to have a Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve or other celebration to truly remember? If so, Patriot Discount Fireworks in Columbus, MT can get you loaded up for colorful, noisy outdoor fun with the top quality artillery fireworks you need to light up the night sky.

No Duds— Guaranteed!

No Duds— Guaranteed!

Is there anything more disappointing than when a fuse burns to the ends and nothing happens? We hate that feeling! That’s why the trained team of experts at Patriot Discount Fireworks in Columbus, MT inspects everything on our shelves. If we don’t like it, we won’t sell it!

Thrilling Prices!

Thrilling Prices!

If you’re shopping around for fireworks, you’ll see a bunch of “Buy One Get One Free” deals. Don’t be fooled by gimmicky sales of low quality merchandise! At Patriot Discount Fireworks in Columbus, MT you’ll always get twice as many awesome fireworks for your money.

Pop and Pow Know-How!

Pop and Pow Know-How!

Patriot Discount Fireworks isn’t some flash in the pan operation! We’ve been around for fifteen years, helping folks in Columbus, MT celebrate holidays loudly and proudly. Our crew knows fireworks inside and out, and we’ll be happy to advise you before your next shoot.

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Light Up the Night With Explosive Fireworks

Buy from Columbus, Montana’s premier fireworks emporium

There’s nothing like a celebration with a gorgeous fireworks display. Get sparks flying by picking up fireworks at Columbus’ Patriot Discount Fireworks! We are proud to carry a wide variety of fan favorites and newly designed models on our sales floor. You’ll find box, bag and tray fireworks assortments including:

• NOAB three inch nine shot grand finale cakes
• Pro shells
• Sparklers
• 500-grams with over 60 different cakes
• Novelty products for kids
• Fountains
• Grand finales, and many more!

Our sales crew knows our products inside and out to give you the best recommendations for your celebrations. Patriot carries only top quality artillery, and has a no-dud policy. If we don’t like it, we don’t sell it! Stop into Patriot Discount Fireworks to browse our large selection.

Make Your Celebration Sparkle in Columbus, MT

Give your guests a fireworks display they’ll never forget

Patriot Discount Fireworks makes purchasing fireworks in Columbus easy and convenient. We carry all of the products you need to elevate any gathering, stocking a diverse array of brands, products and styles. All of our products are thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure they exceeds all safety commission requirements.

Pick up fireworks to turn your backyard into a dazzling light show for Independence Day or New Year’s Eve. Celebrate a wedding with a fireworks display once night falls or for your next corporate event. The possibilities are endless! You’ll find only the best quality fireworks for the best prices in the area when you shop at our store. Buy the best fireworks in the Columbus area at Patriot Discount Fireworks!